It's time to fully focus on Student Engagement

MemPlus allows you to focus on what matters most, your students. With a system build around YOUR student organisation, you can focus on what matters most, your students.

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Your Digital Transformation

With technology moving at such a quick pace, focus on what you and your students need rather than what's always been available. MemPlus isn't just a single system, it's a new way to think digitally - with your students at the heart of it.


Augment your Organisation

When you become part of the MemPlus community - MemPlus becomes an extension of your organisation. Imagine how powerful it is to have a full team of developers and support staff ready to create absolutely anything you need in the timeframe you require it.


Zero payment fees

We'll integrate whatever payment system you use (Stripe is our favourite) and let you manage that entirely - so the only fee's you'll be on the hook for are theirs. Zero friction and zero fees mean more money for your organisation to do what it does best.


Fully managed

We take care of all aspects of the system - from hosting the system, managing the email systems through to providing top notch support. We want you to feel like VIPs working on a bespoke system - so let us do the leg work whilst you focus on whats important, your Student Experience.


Your system Your way

You know how best to operate in your organisation - so we'll follow. We migrate our off-the-shelf modules until you have them exactly how you want them. And as we both innovate - we'll constantly upgrade and develop them. No more changing how you operate just because a solution can't change with you.

We are not a Walled Garden

MemPlus offers a flexible approach to digital - use whats right for you and your students.

One of the biggest changes in thinking when coming on board with MemPlus is that we are true believers in using the best solution for your student touch points and needs. Although we believe we have first-class solutions for all of our modules we have - your needs might call on using other solutions such as different event systems or shop systems.

We'll work with your teams and any third-party solutions to allow for a seamless experience for you and your students - and we'll even try to interface directly with these solutions allowing you full sight into reporting and filtering.

Case Study

Portsmouth SU had the best Student voting turnout in 9 years with the MemPlus elections module!

Working with MemPlus for our 2022/23 Student Elections was a great success and crucial asset to the best turnout we have seen in 9 years!

The MemPlus system allowed us to streamline the user experience when voting and the data provided allowed us to target our communications and tailor them to our different student groups, we were then able to target these students directly through the memplus platform and in turn see increased engagement and voting.

The MemPlus team were on call throughout and anything flagged was picked up straight away and even scheduled a site visit to assist in person which helped augment our internal teams on the day!

The MemPlus team are already keen to look at what we can do to improve the experience even more for this academic year!

Anita Butler ACIM
Head of Marketing & Engagement, UPSU

First-class MemPlus Modules

We have lots of modules that any MemPlus organisation can use and can develop and tweak when they come on board with us.


Student Database and Warehouse

Manage your student database with advanced filtering, powerful segmenting and reporting functionality.


Memberships and Socities

Create and manage group and society memberships in one place.



Create and manage a Have Your Say platform including student comments, rep updates and different petition status’ from creation to resolution.


Website CMS

This module allows you to manage, edit and publish content onto your website including ads.



Create newsletters to send directly to your student databases with full email stats and demographic reports.


Online Fayres

Reach distance learners by creating digital freshers fayres based on stalls you create from your groups, SU activities, commercial partners and more.


Finance and Reporting

Manage all financial transactions through this system with detailed and bespoke reporting, along with export functionality. This is also the home of the groups finance, banking and expenses area.


Jobs and Careers

Manage a job board for students and external vacancies for your organisation.


Offers and Coupons

Sell space on your website to local and national businesses to promote their student offers and coupons. Create a go to space for students to access all the best deals to help them through their University journey.


Student Leadership Portal

This module allows your committee members to more efficiently manage their committees they are a part of. It offers areas for knowledge bases, training modules and access directly to group management including member lists, events, banking and expenses.



Create, edit and manage an events listing page including internal and external ticketing systems and attendance tracking.



A slimdown version of the site tailored to be used on a kiosk or iPads in the foyer of your SU. With both a public and student login view, this is a great way to promote your SU and its services with easy access to your website and a students account!

Frequently Asked Questions
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What's needed to move over to MemPlus?

We'll work with whatever size team currently operates your systems and processes. We've helped single person teams all the way through to 20+ people teams move from their old systems to a MemPlus system - once you give us the instructions and insight into what is needed our teams can be fully autonomous if you need us to be.

What are development days?

Development days are days that you can use to customise the platform to your needs. This could be creating new modules or changing existing ones - anything out of the scope of support! We find the majority of our clients use these days to create new modules that are specific to their needs.

How many development days are needed to create a new module?

It depends! We'll work with your team to scope out the module, create detailed specifications and timelines. We'll then be able to give you a quote for the work and what to expect for the deliverables for the project. We usually find that most modules take between 4 - 12 days to complete. Once completed, the module will then be covered under the support package.

Once we have created a new module with your team, will it be available to other organisations?

That depends entirely to you! If you would like us to make your work available to be used by other organisations we can do that - alternately we can keep it private to your organisation. We'll make sure that you're happy with the decision before we do anything, which is usually at the end of the development cycle.

Are there any other fees charged?

None. All of our modules, support, emails and server hosting come as part of the package. We also do not charge any fees for any transactions made through your chosen payment provider (although your payment provider might charge you a fee seperately to us!) - potentially saving you many thousands of pounds a year.

What if I need more custom development days?

If you go over your allocation of custom development we do offer extra days at £480 + VAT. Custom development usually entails things like new modules or extensive changes to modules.

Do you offer a sandbox site for me to try before I commit?

We do offer up a sandbox site - the last thing we want to do is waste your time with lots of sales chats when we know a hands on will work best.

Can I manage which users have access to each module?

The master account will be able to set up users and manage access to modules.

Can I chat to someone who directly works with any of the modules on MemPlus?

MemPlus works directly with the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union who are more than happy to set up meetings with you to discuss more details surrounding specific modules.

How many emails can I send via the newsletter module?

We have no limit to the amount of emails you can send using the platform - we also work with you and your university to make sure your important emails make it directly to your Students inbox!

MemPlus is a product from Wild Rocket Development Studio - based in Cheltenham.

We have experience in the Student Organisation world since 2010 - having built several platforms for Student Unions and Societies. MemPlus is an extension of this experience, bringing our knowledge and expertise to the wider Student Organisation world.

We work in partnership with Portsmouth Student Union Trading who offer their insight, knowledge and expertise in Student Organisation across the UK.

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